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Plenary Speakers

Lisa Briggs, PE., M. ASCELisa Briggs, SE, M.ASCE

Kansas City, MO. She has 15 years of experience working on a variety of bridge construction and demolition projects including suspension bridge demolition, network arch erection, bascule construction, truss float-outs, swing span replacements, trestle design, and curved girder erection. She also serves on ASCE’s Temporary Works Committee, which is currently working towards publishing a Best Practices document for bridge demolition.

Prior to working at Genesis, Lisa earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Kansas. For the I-74 bridge project, she served as the lead engineer for the suspension span demolition, including the structural analysis for removal of the concrete deck and steel superstructure, and the pre-blast analysis for the main towers and suspension cable. 

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Thomas Schebler, EIT, A.M.ASCE

Thomas Schebler, EIT, A.M.ASCE

Tom Schebler is a Project Engineer with Helm Civil, located in East Moline, IL. Tom is a native of Davenport, IA, where he continues to reside. He has worked for Helm Civil since 2018, first as an intern, and then moving into his current role after graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University in 2020.

Tom has helped manage numerous bridge replacement, bridge repair, and marine construction projects throughout the Quad Cities Metro area during his time with Helm Civil. Currently, Tom is working full-time on the Interstate 74 Bridge Demolition Project where he assists in overseeing daily operations, completes project planning tasks, facilitates Helm Civil’s Safety Program, and supports project coordination efforts.

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 Zach Bardot, EIT

Zach Bardot, EIT

Zach Bardot is a Structural Engineer with Genesis Structures, located in Kansas City, MO. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering from the University of Missouri Science and Technology. Zach has 9 years of experience working on a variety of bridge projects, including curved girder erection, arch erection, truss demolition, trestle bridge design, and cofferdams/SOE.

He has also worked on several dam rehabilitation projects including stoplog removal, tainter gate rehabilitation, overhead crane removal and replacement, gantry crane erection, and crane load testing. For the I-74 bridge project, he served as the lead engineer for the demolition of the continuous truss spans, Bettendorf and Moline Deck Truss spans, as well as the design of the containment structures required for substructure removal.
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 Nick Maletta

Nick Maletta-Prioritizing Mental Health in Engineering and Construction Session Speaker 

Nick began his career at Holmes Murphy & Associates (HMA) in 2009 as a mere intern in Des Moines, IA. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from The University of Iowa, with a major in Business Management. Following his internship, Nick spent 14 years of dedicated work at HMA to become the highly regarded Risk Management professional he is today. In 2017, he helped lead a team who would go on to win the HMA University, shareholder competition to implement a new strategic initiative for the organization. This was the catalyst to secure him one of just 125 (at the time) of Shareholder positions within the company. He remains one of the youngest salespeople in the history of the company to become a shareholder.

It was during this time Nick began to explore the depth of self-awareness and its power in the workplace. The concept of organizational psychology and the place for the fundamental spirit of a culture in an organization. Nick quickly realized that his passion for attempting understand what made work and people tick every day, was a powerful tool to help motivate and drive others. With the goal to find fulfillment and pay it forward to those who are growing behind him. It was also during this time in which Nick discovered the speaking skillset and awareness of those who struggle with mental health challenges and found the power in vulnerable communications to allow others to open and identify what they may be experiencing daily.

Nick’s story has been manifested by the extreme focus, dedication, and pursuit of the ‘true north’ in the compass of life. He believes in not only identifying values one can connect to but living them out to practice in everyday life.
Nick and his wife, Rachel, reside in West Des Moines, IA with their daughter, Elle. When not taking on the Midwest to present education and service to his clients, he can be found spending time at his family’s beloved Lake Okoboji, golfing, or scheming his next trip to see an F1 race.
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