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CI & CRC Joint Conference 2022

The theme of the CI & CRC Joint Conference is: "Next Generation Construction." The joint conference's technical program will provide insights on the latest research and industry practices that will lead to next generation techniques, technologies, and strategies to meet 21st century challenges.

CRC leads academic, cutting-edge construction research, and the Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program (VCEMP) at Virginia Tech (VT) will host the annual Construction Research Congress. The Construction Institute Summit, with its heavy industry component, will facilitate interaction between construction research professionals, contractors, owners, and practitioners. Together, we will share new developments and innovative practices. Network with peers, earn PDHs, and get access to leading research and industry practices.

Conference Steering Committee

  • Co-Chair: Dan Becker, M.ASCE, CCM, PMP, CCP, ENV SP, D. Becker Consulting, LLC
  • Co-Chair: Michael J. Garvin, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, Vecellio Construction Engineering & Management Program, Virginia Tech
  • CI Technical Committee:
    • Technical Committee Member: Hossein Ataei, Ph.D., M.C.M., M.B.A., P.E., P.Eng., F.ASCE, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Civil, Materials, and Environmental Engineering
  • CRC Technical Committee:
    • Technical Program Co-Chair: Farrokh Jazizadeh, PhD, Virginia Tech
    • Technical Program Co-Chair: Tripp Shealy, PhD, Virginia Tech
    • Track Editor: Alex Albert, PhD, NC State University
    • Track Editor: Ingrid Arocho, PhD, Oregon State University
    • Track Editor: Kristen Cetin, PhD, Michigan State University
    • Track Editor: Soowon Chang, PhD, Purdue University
    • Track Editor: Islam El-Adaway, PhD, Missouri University Science & Technology
    • Track Editor: Mohamed Elzomor, PhD, Florida International University
    • Track Editor: Diana Franco Duran, PhD, University of Virginia
    • Track Editor: Bryan Franz, PhD, University of Florida
    • Track Editor: Xinghua Gao, PhD, Virginia Tech
    • Track Editor: Jose Guevara, PhD, University of the Andes, Columbia
    • Track Editor: Youngjib Ham, PhD, Texas A&M University
    • Track Editor: Farook Hamzeh, PhD, University of Alberta
    • Track Editor: Kevin Han, PhD, North Carolina State University
    • Track Editor: Yilong Han, PhD, Tongji University
    • Track Editor: Christofer Harper, PhD, Colorado State University
    • Track Editor: Sogand Hasanzadeh, PhD, Purdue University
    • Track Editor: Arsalan Heydarian, PhD, University of Virginia
    • Track Editor: Javier Irizarry, PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Track Editor: David Jeong, PhD, Texas A&M University
    • Track Editor: Sharareh Kermanshachi, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington
    • Track Editor: Katherine Madson, PhD, Iowa State University
    • Track Editor: Ali Mostafavi, PhD, Texas A&M University
    • Track Editor: Cristina Poleacovschi, PhD, Iowa State University
    • Track Editor: Anthony Sparkling, PhD, Purdue University
    • Track Editor: Cheng Zhang, PhD, Purdue University Northwest
    • Track Editor: Jiansong Zhang, PhD, Purdue University
  • LADR Track:
    • Chair: Amarjit Singh, P.E., Ph.D., F.ASCE, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Civil Engineering
    • Track Editor: Leah A. Rochwarg, Esq., LEED AP, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
    • Track Editor: Brian J. O'Rourke Jr., P.E., Esq., LEED AP, Verrill Dana LLP
    • Track Editor: Mohammed-Asem Abdul Malak, Ph.D., R.Eng, A.M.ASCE, University of Beirut
    • Track Editor: Wendy Wendrowski, Esq, A.M.ASCE, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Construction Institute of ASCE

The Construction Institute (CI) is the first national organization designed to meet the needs of all individuals working within the construction industry. CI is fully inclusive, with active membership available to construction industry practitioners from all occupations and educational backgrounds. CI offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to network with other professionals, sharpen skills and shape the future of the industry by participating in technical activities, conferences and the development of internationally recognized standards.


Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program at Virginia Tech

The Vecellio Construction Engineering & Management Program (VCEMP) is one of five program areas in the Via Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) at Virginia Tech. The program was established in 1986, and its faculty and students are focused on research and education to enhance the development and management of the built environment. The Vecellio Family Foundation endowed the program in 2001, making it one of the first to receive such a gift in the United States. This endowment has funded 82 undergraduate scholarships and 25 graduate fellowships, and it has supported 19 annual distinguished lectures.

ASCE-CI Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction

The mission of the Journal is to serve as the technical reference and resource for construction lawyers engaged in public and private practice, as well as for design engineers, construction engineers, and executives responsible for successful project administration. The Journal provides thought-provoking discussions and insight into the legal relationships arising out of the changing nature of project delivery systems, dispute avoidance and resolution, sustainability concerns, and effective project execution. The Journal will focus on legal issues, aim to increase the attention given to legal systems during engineering and construction practice, and seek excellence in the application of legal resources for the success of engineering and construction projects.

LADR Submissions

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